What do you REALLY know about Judaism?

Shabbat? Torah? Kabbalah? Do you want to really know Judaism? Here you will find what you need to know.

You will find the basic beliefshistorycalendar and holidays, and even Jewish phrases and sayings.

Once you’ve mastered this site, you’ll actually be able to teach others!

Things are explained here in a very simple and friendly way.

Ok. A few words about myself.

My name is Chaim, which means Life in Hebrew.

I was born in 1978. When I was one year old my family moved to Israel. Here I can live my life in a way that’s closest to the original Jewish life style.

please feel free to contact me about any issue regarding this site.

I love studying and teaching about the Jewish nation and religion. I feel that many misunderstandings about Jewish existence can be corrected if people around the world would know what it’s really all about.

Here’s a small secret: not even all Jews know what it is all about… But you didn’t hear that from me…

So, sit down and buckle up – you’re about to begin the most exciting journey into Judaism.